The body as a medium

The work of Liberti Nuques

Liberti Nuques (1989) born in Santa Elena, Ecuador and lives and works in Guayaquil. Her mother is a local famous sculptor. Being a teenager she studied theater while was the singer/performer on a band called The Cassettes. Then she went to Buenos Aires, Argentina to take studies in dramaturgy/theater montage and learn skateboarding as a way of living. In 2012, she returned to Ecuador to create "Entelequia", an emerging cultural center and art gallery focused on the independent scene and minorities. At the same time she started universitary studies in Visual Arts, working with video and installations. Also she touring through latinamerica with a punk rock band called "Zabandijas de la 18" where she played bass and sings. Today she works in a scenic/noise performance duo called "Unkul*kix" and experiment with photography and her body as a medium of representation.
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  • Guayaquil, Province of Guayas, Ecuador